Learning Product Management – 2

Just when I wrote about Pragmatic Marketing trainings not happening in India, I came to know about another group, Association of Product Management and Product Marketing that does conduct PM trainings in India, in collaboration with Adaptive Marketing, an Indian organization that seems to focus on certifications, trainings, PM exam preparation and consulting.

Adaptive Marketing conducts a 2 day (weekend) workshop + training for CPM certification in different cities in India. The CPM certification is based on a set multiple choice and essay type exam, described on the AIPMM site. While I did search for the fees for this workshop + training, it is not mentioned on their website.

Disclaimer: I have never used, nor do I endorse them

AIPMM in the US seems to have a solid reputation, and hence their certification program might be useful for new product managers. They also have a discussion forum on their website, which seems to be under-utilized, based on the number of posts and the date of last posting in various discussions.

Interestingly, Adaptive Marketing also mentions their spin on the product lifecycle (they call it ‘productizing’) and the PM/PMM’s relevance in that. It is captured in a process diagram here. In another post, I will examine it in detail.

Are these resources useful for learning on the job? Probably not. Are the workshops going to make you better at the job? Probably yes. So the point remains that if you are not satisfied with your current skills, and your firm is not sponsoring international trainings, you could increase your knowledge, or take a refresher course on certain product management skills from these organizations. What is important is what you can retain 3, 6 and 12 months after completing the workshop and getting certified.

Of course, these workshops and trainings often turn out to be very useful for networking, so that another positive.

If you have attended any of their trainings in India or abroad, leave a comment.


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