Obsession – Very Important for a Product Manager


1: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation <an obsession with profits>

If you are not obsessed about your product, and don’t have an obsessive need to understand customer needs then it is going to have a snowball effect on the other teams working on the product. The engineering team will sense that the product is probably not important enough, the new feature list is not compelling enough or that there are enough problems existing to start looking out for new roles or teams. The product marketing team will just run the numbers and sales will have little incentive to promote and sell the product. It is the product manager’s obsession with all these facets of product growth that will trigger the other teams to deliver at peak performance.

It does not matter that you are new to the organization or the role, or a veteran with 5+ years in the same field in the same firm. You must show an obsessive interest in promoting the product and the idea it represents. You must obsess about the competition and the new versions of software they are delivering, and figure out ways to counter or ignore them.

You can be a newbie to product management, or a veteran, in the end, it is your obsession with the product that will ensure that you can always answer this question every Friday evening “What did I do for the product this week, and how can I add more value next week.”

Are you obsessed with your product?


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