Resume Variants You Need as a Product Manager in India

ResumeVariantsMost interview preparation sites will say that you need to customize your résumé for every job application. This is correct because if your customized resume does not contain keywords a recruiter is searching for, you are unlikely to get shortlisted for an interview. However, what they often neglect to mention is the need for multiple resume templates for applying to product management roles in India. This is even more important once you gain some years of experience in product management.

[In large firms, your résumé is typically scanned by a recruiter, shortlisted by an HR manager, forwarded to the hiring manager and then scanned by the interview panel. It may also be scrutinized by a background checking team after you accept the job offer]

You should remember some points while creating a resume template for each category. Remember, the template is the master list of all work related activities, you need to trim it and customize it for every job application.:

Offshore Enterprise Product Management

  • Highlight cross-functional, program management and engineering work experience
  • Show details of customer and account team engagement or work as a Business Analyst
  • Add keywords that match the technologies advertised (security, virtualization, networking etc.)
  • Based on the job description, you may want to highlight work done within Asia-Pacific for sales support, RFP response and so on

Offshore Consumer Product Management

  • Show patents, innovations, work on new product design etc.
  • Show experience in UX design, product release etc.
  • Also mention if you have conducted customer interviews, done customer data analysis or have worked with web analytics

Market Facing Enterprise Product Management

  • Show financial skills (you can decide what flavor you wish to add)
  • Show pricing, sales support and marketing experience
  • Add points to show that you are tech. savvy (but you need not show engineering experience)

Market Facing Consumer Product Management

  • Show brand names you have worked with
  • Show impact on profitability, sales, customer acquisition or other relevant metrics
  • Add details of your MBA projects, data analysis skills and interpersonal skills
  • Add details of team management if done earlier

Your résumé is the key to your success in the technology industry in India. You must make sure that it lets the reviewer get a grasp of your relevant experience in the first glance. There is no such thing as a catch-all resume that can be used for applying to any product management role.


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2 thoughts on “Resume Variants You Need as a Product Manager in India

  1. iamsananth November 14, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    thanks for sharing, how many pages should be over resume. I have 14+ year of experience in IT but moved to PM just 2 years before. Its good to keep my previous (project Manager) experience with project details?

    • dhja611 November 15, 2014 at 7:04 am

      It depends on the type of PM role you currently play, and the role you are applying for. IT project manager details are good only if they are relevant to the new role.

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