Ask Me Anything – Within Reason

It is always great to hear from people who read this blog and have responded over email or comments. Sometimes you use real identities, other times it’s an alias. I am fine with both. If your questions are interesting or relevant, I will try to respond back quickly.

However, if possible, kindly provide some context before asking for for my opinion on questions such as:

  • How do I get more competitive compensation? (You need to share what you earn now and how you got there)
  • How do I get into product management? (What do you do today and what is your educational background)
  • How do I crack product management interviews? (There are hundreds of resources out there on this topic)
  • How do I grow in my career? (You need to provide your career and current job details)
  • I want to return from US and into a product management role in an offshore setup ( This is a mix of #2 and #4)

I try to answer most questions, but without details, you may not get a good response.

All the best in your career, and I look forward to answering more such questions.

(And no, I am not looking to connect on LinkedIn with readers from this blog)


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2 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything – Within Reason

  1. R January 18, 2015 at 6:54 am


    I need some guidance from you. I am a NIT gradute with over 7yrs of workex in Indian IT service companies. Recently, In Nov 2014 I got H1b visa and moved to US. Being my parent’s only child I need to come back to India. But, since technical jobs are very rarely available for more than 8yrs workex and are difficult to get in. I dont know how to get back in India with a respectable salary. I am presently earning close to 10L.
    I am also interested in product management roles. For that I appeared in gmat and applied to various iim’s and ISB for their executive programs. I recently got through iimL’s exective program in noida campus. But as I came to know this program is not very good and with IT service experience It will be very difficult to get in IT product manager role. Moreover, this course doesn’t has 100℅ placements. My marriage is on card(I am 29+yrs old) so it will also depend on MBA or other career plan.
    Would really appriciate if you can guide me through this, what can I do. How can I come back to India with respectable compensation.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • desiprodmgr January 18, 2015 at 11:37 am

      Given your career so far, you need not look at product management, because it can actually be a very unstable career choice in India.
      However, many senior engineers I know get into IT consulting or customer facing architect roles. You could explore that.
      Just remember, if you do not have an ivy-league MBA, many large firms may to ignore you during recruitments.

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