Networking Events & Training Institutes

List of industry events and training workshops for networking and learning in India. I DO NOT endorse any of these.

  • Unpluggd is an event which showcases startups, almost like a competition. It is a good forum for networking among entrepreneurs.
  • TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) has several local chapters in Indian cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc), where events are regularly organized. You can find the website of the Bangalore chapter here.
  • Adaptive Marketing conducts product management certifications and workshops as well as organizing networking events. The event calendar is here and the networking events list is here. Be warned, you may have to pay an entry fee for the networking events.
  • India Product Management Association has a dormant website now. Earlier they used to actively organize networking saturdays.
  • Institute of Product Leadership is a recently formed organization that is promoting product innovation and management in India. They regularly conduct several networking events information for which is available from their website.
  • Confianzys provides Blackblot’s certification training, however their website has no mention of when it occurs, neither does the website indicate the promoters of this consultancy firm.

One thought on “Networking Events & Training Institutes

  1. Murali April 24, 2015 at 1:34 pm Reply

    Confianzys is coming up with wide range of workshops to address product management space in India . check out

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