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Kaggle for Analytics Competitions – Feedback?

Kaggle is a platform for data prediction competitions. As per their wikipedia entry “This crowdsourcing approach relies on the fact that there are countless strategies that can be applied to any predictive modelling task and it is impossible to know at the outset which technique or analyst will be most effective.”

I reviewed a few competitions on Kaggle, and they seem fairly complex and perhaps a good fit for advanced statisticians or data modelers. However, Kaggle is fairly popular and gets a decent amount of traffic for niche site.

  1. Does anyone have feedback on their personal experiences using Kaggle?
  2. Have you ever recruited or solicited candidates from Kaggle, for analytics roles in offshore development centers or for offshore analytics practices of IT/Analytics firms?
  3. Have you ever used it for networking?

Drop a comment on this post if you have tried any of the three.

Learning Product Management-1

You can self learn about product management in a variety of ways. However, if you are employed as a product manager, then I strongly recommend that you check out the information provided by one organization, Pragmatic Marketing.

Pragmatic Marketing has been providing information, course material and training on product management, product marketing and other allied subjects for a number of years now. They run multiple seminars and workshops. [Unfortunately, I have yet to see their courses happening in India.] And they also have samples and templates of various documents (MRDs, PRDs) that a Product Manager is expected to create in his work.

If you are a PM in India and do not have the opportunity or budget to attend their training programs, you should still imbibe the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. This is a very useful shortcut that summarizes the various activities and initiatives that the product team undertakes during the product lifecycle. In the following weeks, I will explain certain aspects of the framework using real life (anonymized) examples.

In later posts, I will also explain more about the relevance of the PM framework to a PM in India. I will introduce more links and articles that a PM should go through, for self-learning and competency development. These will also include other popular frameworks and methodologies, books on product management and other related topics.